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Vision for development
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Author Topic: Vision for development  (Read 3188 times)
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« on: August 09, 2006, 09:08:56 AM »

Its been about 11 years since Ive been there. I am thinking about coming back. Glad to know that things havn't changed much. However, some of my family, who is still there, says that folks are clearing land to make way for new things.  Is any one paying attention to who, how and what is coming to town. Is there a Town Planning Comminsion who is overseeing the building permits and such. Is there a VISION for the town. Do people realize that the selling point of a town like Cave Junction is a delicate ballance between modern lifestyle and old fasioned nieghborlyness that can only be achieved through careful planning. Its always going to be a "pass through" town where people have to live and work. But, with the right planning it can be more than just a "pit stop". It can offer its residents more than just a gas station life style. And I am NOT talking about walmart and fast food. When the investment $ comes to town will there be a thoughtful dialoge or a developers one sided voice running the show. Will folks be so desperate to have anything thats new, or will CJ develope into the unique little town with rustic charm.  Sooner or later Calfornia and others will come. Who's town will it be then? Will it be a "pit stop" or a "place to linger" along the road of life? Will the townies stop fighting each other long enouph to pay any attention to exactly what the vision is?
Can they see the forest through the trees? Will there be any trees left when the dust clears. Cave Junction needs a vision and a plan, or the developers will build you a pit stop. Hint: Start with a "Main street" vibe like the florishing midwest towns where folks are flocking to the charm of old fasioned towns with beautiful main streets and housing within walking distance to all ameneities. Slow down the traffic on 199. Plant flowers. Paint buildings. ect. Its called Town Beautification projects. They work! Invest some time $ and comminity labor in these things. New sidewalks and cross walks to make it safer to stop in and walk around. Raise taxes on new developments whose parent companies are from other cities. ( in other words, non locals who are only try to make $ with their developments.) At the same time, encourage local , "vision" friendly buisinesses with tax breaks. Encourage every buisiness to participate in facade improvements. Keep the big retail, like big gas stations and fast food on one end of town so as not to pollute the Main street vibe and steal buisiness from the small guy. Better yet keep them out and force tourist to visit down town only. I have travelled to alot of small towns and I have seen many near dead towns spring to life using these methods. This is the trend in american life style and travel. Less can be more. Sometimes its what you do with what you've already got.

Be the change you want to see in the world.-Ghandi
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