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People speeding through the school zone in Kerby
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Author Topic: People speeding through the school zone in Kerby  (Read 4583 times)
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« on: June 24, 2005, 04:06:42 PM »

:roll: Doesn't anyone realize that there IS a school zone in Kerby.  The Belt Building is a school, is it not!  Yet there is no 20mph when children are present signs.  I wonder, why not? There are always children crossing there, especially during school hours,  which are even at night sometimes.

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« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2005, 03:49:54 AM »

I also think that a big part of the problem is that Kerby is just on the Highway... The problem is not just in front of the belt building... its all along the Highway here in Kerby and beyond... people don't even realize that this IS a residential area... we ARE in the limits of a town... Kerby is a TOWN.. we have our own zip code for crying out loud...

Truckers using their Jakes going down that hill there above the trailer park... TOTALLY ILLEGAL.  People using the shoulder of the road in various spots from blakelys to the belt building when people are turning off the highway.  

I got NAILED about 5 years ago turning into the trailer park from some idiot california driver not watching where she was going, totalled out my car.  Now I signal when as soon as I see the Holiday Motel.  From what I hear there have been MANY FATAL accidents right in that spot, thus the gate and second entry way closed.

Its not just the out of state drivers either, its the cocky locals who "know the road" "know this area" "like the back of their hand..." then.. they should also know to "SLOW THE H3LL DOWN!!" and BE AWARE!!!

My thing is, you may  know the area, you may know the road, but in every area, on every road, at every single second of the day, something different is happening.

What does it take to get the point across... a big part of the problem is that society is SO...


WAITING until something SH!TTY happens to make that change for the better.  


Does anyone feel me?

Feed the babies, Who don't have enough to eat
Shoe the children, With no shoes on their feet

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