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living in and around CJ Oregon
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Author Topic: living in and around CJ Oregon  (Read 8709 times)
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« on: May 16, 2007, 06:16:14 AM »

Me again lol. Can anyone tell me about living and working in CJ? Also i would like to know about the school district.. Thanks!
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« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2007, 07:49:50 PM »

The Illinois Valley is a wonderful place to live and raise children.  Work is hard to come by, many people commute to Grants Pass or even Medford.  Financial independence before moving here would be a plus.  The relaxed lifestyle is nice, but be warned to never be in a hurry in CJ.  The public schools are part of the Three Rivers School District, and there are also a few private schools in the area.  I am pleased with the public elementary school, they offer many after school enrichment classes throughout the year and the Boys and Girls Club also provides many more activities. I do not know about the middle or high schools as my children are not yet that old.
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« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2007, 03:18:01 PM »

 My six year old grandson had an awesome school year and  isenjoying summer school this summer.
Evergreen grade school has boy's and girls club this is for working parents after school  care.
This is a safe place for the children to be after school hours.
We have no complaints about the wonderful and caring staff at Evergreen they are a bunch of awesome people doing a very good job with our children.
A big problem in Cave Junction is the number of homeless living in the streets and sleeping in the park or behind a business.
Another problem is the homeless doing their business any where they may feel the need to relive themselfs day or night.
The homeless are free to hang out in front of store fronts twenty-four seven as there is no law against homeless doing this.
City hall say's the reason for this is  because sidewalks and such are public property so the homeless can hang out in front of any business and that they do.
There is one market to buy food the prices are high beings it's the only game in town.The nearest decent shopping is in Grants Pass that is 28 mile from Cave Junction.
The two way road leading out of Cave Junction either way is hiway 199 it is considered one of the most dangerous hiways in the state of Oregon so I have been told.
Their no  manned police station in Cave Junction that is in use the reason no funding is available to maintane a  on duty policman
When callers need a policeman  they are dispatched out of Grants Pass,Or.
With that said the down side is the caller is told the police are busy in other areas and one will be there when they can get there. So one must be prepared to wait hours maybe  days if it is theif or something such as that as them calls are consider low priority.
 Cave Junction has a lovly new medical bukiding staffing a few doctors but the lab is not up and running so blood test and other test have to be done in Grants Pass or Medford,Or.
Same if a person should need a speclist they are sent to either Grants Pass or Medford,Or.for their more serious medical needs.
As the other person said there is little to no work here in Cave Junction most people that have to work comute and winter driving is a gamble when it get icy on the highway.
For such a small population drinking and drugs are a very big problem in and around Cave Junction,Or.
With these things comes the ongoing problems with domestic abuse,auto theif,street fights,pan handleing,and wild teenagers running the streets all hours of the night
distroying private proerty.
Kid's that have sleepy /careless parents freely ride there bikes and skate boards on top of Evergreen grade school in the late night hours on the week ends.
People do call the police which is a joke to the kid's because the kid's know it is 28 miles from Grants Pass to Cave Junction they will be "LONG GONE".
My husband works for the power company and we are here on a contract hope we can sell the house we bought in Cave Junction when it comes time to leave.
Pack your bags fast as you can and move to Cave Junction look me up come join my support group.
We once was sane but that was before we move to Cave Junction,Or.

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« Reply #3 on: August 07, 2007, 03:49:27 AM »

kennyrose, who do you stay since you so obviously hate it in CJ? spank

The lack of police is nothing new, this is true of most very small towns all over the world.  So is the lack of employment, high prices in the local stores (everything has to be brought in, and there is much less turnover, compared to larger towns).

Homeless folks are everywhere.  You should try Santa Barbara, California, where a local Moreton Bay Fig Tree is an actual Post Office address for the homeless.  Just how many hang around in the winter, when it's raining day after day?

Don't want fights?  Don't hang around bars, and other places where they occur.

You don't like kids using skateboards at the school grounds?  Complain to the school (and see just how far that gets you).

From your many negative notes here, it would appear that you are the type that would complain about litter, if you fell into a pile of money!

Tell us, just why DID you move to CJ?
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Dorkus Maximus

« Reply #4 on: August 07, 2007, 04:09:48 AM »

I Lived in the city for almost 33 year, CJ is a cake walk compared to the big city. I love it here. works suck but I knew that before I moved here. grin

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