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You Can't Fight City Hall, For You are Bound By The Complication of Satanic Thou
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Author Topic: You Can't Fight City Hall, For You are Bound By The Complication of Satanic Thou  (Read 3056 times)
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« on: March 01, 2007, 09:33:06 AM »

You Can't Fight City Hall, For You are Bound By The Complication of Satanic Thought

By Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

     I am going to talk to you in utter simplicity.  I am going to speak to you of the plain unadulterated Truth which, if actually heard, and understood, shall set you free from every intellectual political, religious, and social complication which has plagued you and held you captive throughout your life.  To many of you, the utter simplicity of what I say shall be heard to be extremely complicated.  Why?  Because you are trapped by the operation of your own complicated Intellect, an instrument which is incapable of perceiving simplicity.

     Satanic Conditioning is, and always has been, the source of your problems in life.  In other words, Intellectualism is the only problem man faces within himself and in others.  That, if understood and set aside, would reveal the Truth which has eluded Civilized man since his Original "Fall from Grace" and his subsequent Satanic formation of an intellectually ruled Civilization.

     The Satanic (Opposer-ruled) Intellect is the essence of Complication.  Why?  Because every thought you hold is "dualistic" (split into opposition) and therefore the author of all confusion experienced by the spiritually blind.  The spiritually blind and ignorant are those who have sold their "non-dualistic consciousness, their souls" to Satan, the petty "god" of Intellect -- a computer-like instrument which gravitates toward creating complication while the consciousness trapped therein dreams of simplicity.

     For every intellectually projected dualistic, thought-based problem resolved by another intellectually projected thought, the dualistic thought which resolves the prior problem of dualistic thought  produces other dualistic thoughts in its wake, creating a complicated web with each and every subsequent dualistic thought  based in its own inherent opposition.

     Does anybody see the truth of such statement?  Does anybody see the problems attendant to solving "non-technical" thoughts with more thought, technical or non-technical in nature?

     Have you not heard the adage, "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive"?  Since dualistic thought is not non-dualistic Truth, but merely a dualistic reflection of that which is non-dualistic Truth -- the unnameable; thought, the reflection, can be said to be no more than a counterfeit Truth -- in other words, a Satanic deception.  It is such Satanically deceptive Influence which rules Thought that is the Author and Administrators of all Government and Religious organizations which have ruled over the lives of men since the Beginning of Time.  It is the Spiritually blind who lead the blind.

    It is only nondualistic (holistic) Truth which can set one free from the prison cell of one's dualistic thought; i.e., the reflection of Truth, the deception which holds captive all civilized men through institutionally directed, remote mind control.

   Insight, the direct perception of Truth, occurs when the Intellect is quiet, when the clatter of Intellectual noise is SILENCED.  In that moment of silence, the Intellect has come to an end, has died and the Resurrection of the Divine Spirit of Truth emerges in a heretofore intellectually conflicted (noisy) consciousness.  One's problem of the moment has been understood, resolved.  Such is the nature of the statement, "Truth shall set you free."  It comes only after the Intellect is quieted, silenced, dies.   Jesus said it best when He said "One must Die To be Reborn of the Spirit."

    All problems require the energy of the individual to exist in that individual consciousness.  That is the Satanic seduction which entraps and enslaves blind believers from cradle to the grave.  It is imposed from infancy via the conditioned Sins (dualistic contradictions) of the Fathers (parents) visited upon their Sons  (children).  The Sons in turn pass it on to their sons from generation to generation, to the present time.  That is how Hell has been sustained since the Dawn of the First Civilization to the present day.

    The glue that holds religious and political fellowship possible is the Intellectual conditioning of "like attracts like," thereby opposing others who are perceived to be UNLIKE in consciousness.  Anyone see the emergence of Division, yet?  Anyone see the emergence of War, yet?  Anyone perceive Hell on Earth, yet?

    Tis a problem of first magnitude for the human race, is it not?  Does not such magnitude and its attendant fear overwhelm each of you, who, as you watch your own "knee jerking" in response to the challenge of the problem, would say, I am only one person, What can I do?  After all, you can't fight City Hall (government).

    Listen up, for the solution is at hand.  The solution will not come from experts who dominate you and exploit you in your fear and confusion.  The solution will not come from the politicians, from the bureacrats, the bankers, the corporate elitists, who have a vested interest in continuing problems (else their jobs, their power, their profits would dry up).  The solution can only come from you, the individual who is the master of their mind, their intellect and not its victim.

   All conflict is based in DUALITY.  BAR NONE!!  Problems require confusion, the confusion born of limited consciousness, conditioned responses, human automatons, the "living dead."

    Are you of the "Living Dead?"   You will resist such a notion, but the resistance to such a statement is proof that you ARE OF THE LIVING DEAD.  Your confusion proves it.

     In your confusion you are Satanically controlled through your dualistic reactions.  They are either of SUPPORT or RESISTANCE.  It doesn't matter which.  Without your individual support or resistance, the problem would receive NO ENERGY, and thus would "die of its own accord."

     The world of Civilized man is ruled by such widely opposing energetic reactions of support and its opposite of resistance.  It has always been so, and shall continue to be so for those who have sold their Souls for promises made by their Satanic Intellect.  What are those promises?  Are they not the worldly perks of power, prestige, status, wealth, influence and domination over your fellow man?

     If you are reading this, you are reading it on my political page of my Website at  which contains detailed reports of the activities I underwent in dealing with the Tyranny of the Courts of Josephine County Oregon and its Satanic System of Corporate policies which pass themselves off as LAW to the spiritually ignorant and UNAWARE.

   The act of creation requires energy.

   In essence, I BOYCOTTED the Courts.  I BOYCOTTED their gun and handcuff carrying enforcers.  I BOYCOTTED their jails.  I didn't RESIST them.  I didn't SUPPORT them.

   They huffed, they puffed, they intimidated, they held me hostage.   They were at their wits end in trying to force me to confer jurisdiction to them through consent or contract until I was near death as a result of two Hunger Strikes totaling 55 days.  That is when the Josephine County Undersheriff Brian Anderson threw me to the curb (near death) of the Emergency Room of Three Rivers Hospital in Grants Pass, Oregon and abandoned me there.  He told me I was on my own to seek medical attention.  The County and Sheriff's Department would not be responsible for them.

   I was willing to risk death as a Free man rather than life as a jailed slave.  I let go and let God.  Divine Intelligence took over and guided my way.  That is the nature of the Spiritual BOYCOTT I speak of.  Surrender to the Silence of Divine Guidance, and you will do the Right thing at the Right Time.

    That is the nondualistic resolve of Truth as it manifests in any simple man/woman of Truth.

   There is no need to fight City hall.  There is no need to support City hall.  Resist not evil, and EVIL COLLAPSES LIKE A HOUSE OF CARDS.

      Here it is, 5 years from when this Spiritual Test began, and the Satanic Authorities still WILL NOT ANSWER THE QUESTIONS OF JURISDICTION over this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man, Son of God.  For should they do so, the Scam they have perpetrated upon the Sovereign People would be exposed, and they would be the ones heading for prison.

     Anybody see the Simplicity of such Truth?

                         Raymond Ronald Karczewski©
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