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Sheriff Gil Gilberson, DO YOUR JOB!!
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Author Topic: Sheriff Gil Gilberson, DO YOUR JOB!!  (Read 3512 times)
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« on: February 28, 2007, 04:54:37 AM »

Sheriff Gil Gilberson, DO YOUR JOB!!

   By:   Raymond Ronald Karczewski©.

Sheriff Gilbertson,

  I am sending you this because of your campaign promises to the taxpayers of Josephine County Oregon, that its Sheriff's Department Deputies and Administration  would no longer shirk its duties as did the former administration of Dave Daniel.

   Daniel's office was sent a great deal of repeated complaints to be investigated only to be ignored by Daniel and those who carried out his policies.

  The following post is a FORGERY.  My wife Anita did not write it.  Neither she nor I have, nor ever had a Yahoo email account from which either of us have posted articles to usenet.  We have been subjected to this kind of  unabated viciousness for years with NO HELP from our government.

  Your predecessor Dave Daniel has made a shambles of Law Enforcement's reputation here in Southern Oregon.  I am a retired Police Sergeant from a California Bay Area Police Department, and I am ashamed of what has become of the quality of Law Enforcement I see since my retirement.  It is my hope that you shall restore dignity and justice to the image of Law Enforcement here in Josephine County Oregon.  But it will be done by action, not merely empty words.

  I realize, you are walking into a buzz saw when you take on this investigation, for you will be walking into an investigation into an organized government/media, mind control, disinformation campaign that has been plaguing USENET and private forums for years.

  The crime is immense for it entails our federal intelligence community and members of broadcast media, some rather High Profile launching a mind control campaign unlawfully against its own computer using populace.  A Crime of Major consequences.  At the local level, you are dealing with the felony of an organized campaign of Conspiracy to Libel, and the willful character assassination of myself and family.

  I hold you and your deputies to your personal Oaths of Office to serve and protect the U.S. Constitutions against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

  Sheriff Gilbertson  DO YOUR JOB!!

  All the documented information a thorough investigation by your department requires may be found at
along with "thousands" of attack articles on Google Archives against myself and family members.

  If you require an affidavit to accompany this official criminal complaint, lodged by me, I shall be happy to accomodate you.

                  Raymond Ronald Karczewski©.

ps:  Not wishing to contaminate this forum, Interested readers can find the source of the Complaint at:

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