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Title: Heard it through the grapevine
Post by: Mike on November 17, 2005, 04:29:41 PM
Heard that we were getting two fast food places and a chain grocery store in Cave Junction. Gossip of fact?

Title: Heard it through the grapevine
Post by: VeggieMom on March 17, 2006, 11:20:17 AM
Well....did this turn out to be a fact?...I have been gone from CJ for near 11 years now...Please say it didn't happen...I love the town the way it was when we left...We are even thinking about moving back... :)

Title: Heard it through the grapevine
Post by: Admin on March 18, 2006, 06:50:14 PM
Lets see, so far there's only the mini-Taco Bell at the 76 station and Shop Smart. Oh yeah, and Dairy Queen which has been there as long as I can remember and lets not forget Giant Burger also been there forever. I hear there are plans for developing the north end of town. Just north of town a new Clinic is being built and I hear the golf course is going to expand and a bunch of new houses will be built around it. That's all I know.

Title: Heard it through the grapevine
Post by: VeggieMom on March 19, 2006, 01:57:21 AM
Shop Samrt was there when we a mater of fact my husband work nights there for a bit of time...That's great the Clinic is expanding a bit...there was a young doctor there that was great ...he helped my daughter when she broke her shoulder at Evergreen ....Glad to hear it is not growing to much there...It is such a wonderful place to raise kids..

Title: Heard it through the grapevine
Post by: lookinglass on August 07, 2006, 02:39:19 PM
Its been about 11 years since Ive been there, Too! Also thinking about coming back. Also glad to know that things havn't changed much. However, some of my family, who is still there, says that folks are clearing land to make way for new things.  Is this effecting the rustic charm of the place? ( is there any charm left since Hammers closed. Is the only coffee shop still a one person shack? Are the store front facades run still run down is the Red Garter under control?) Is any one paying attention to  who, how and what is coming to town. Is there a Town Planning Comminsion who is overseeing the building permits and such. Is there a VISION for the town. Do people realize that the selling point of a town like Cave Junction is a delicate ballance between modern lifestyle and old fasioned nieghborlyness that can only be achieved through careful planning. Its always going to be a "pass through" town where people have to live and work. But, with the right planning it can be more than just a "pit stop". It can offer its residents more than just a gas station life style. And I am NOT talking about walmart and fast food. When the investment $ comes to town will there be a thoughtful dialoge or a developers one sided voice running the show. Will folks be so desperate to have anything thats new, or will CJ develope into the unique little town with rustic charm that is there under all that dirt and dreams(nightmares) of fast food and walmarts. Sooner or later Calfornia and others will come. Who's town will it be then? Will it be a "pit stop" or a "place to linger" along the road of life? Will the townies stop fighting each other long enouph to pay any attention to exactly what the vision is?
Can they see the forest through the trees? Will there be any trees left when the dust clears. Cave Junction needs a vision and a plan, or the developers will build you a pit stop. Hint: Start with a "Main street" vibe like the florishing midwest towns where folks are flocking to the charm of old fasioned towns with beautiful main streets and housing within walking distance to all ameneities. Slow down the traffic on 199. Plant flowers. Paint buildings. ect. Its called Town Beautification projects. They work! Invest some time $ and comminity labor in these things. New sidewalks and cross walks to make it safer to stop in and walk around. Raise taxes on new developments whose parent companies are from other cities. ( in other words, non locals who are only try to make $ with their developments.) At the same time, encourage local , "vision" friendly buisinesses with tax breaks. Encourage every buisiness to participate in facade improvements.  Keep the big retail, like big gas stations and fast food on one end of town so as not to pollute the Main street vibe and steal buisiness from the small guy. Better yet keep them out and force tourist to visit down town only.  I have travelled to alot of small towns and I have seen many near dead towns spring to life using these methods.  This is the trend in american life style and travel.  Less can be more. Sometimes its what you do with what you've already got. :wink:

Title: CJ Growth 2006
Post by: WriterGal on August 28, 2006, 03:56:50 AM
This summer has seen some changes in the face of CJ and the area. Giant Burger was replaced by Subway, which is doing a big business. Select Market is gone and will be replaced by a new Home Valley Bank building.  Taco Bell is gone from the 76 station, replaced by some unknown fast food business. Dairy Queen is still around and doing a good business.  

Bagel Junction moved into a newly remodeled and nicely painted Blue Moon/liquor store building.  Libby Goines was planning to paint murals of the Oregon Caves on the south side of the building by the big parking lot, but is waiting to learn where the bank building will be. A number of businesses are still there on the Redwood Hwy., but are spruced up with paint, flowers and new signage.

Between Red Garter and Midnight Oasis is a small brown building that is now Annie's Barber Shop, where Annie and Dee do hair styling for men, women and kids. There is a new pet groomer between Stevereno's and Cabin Chemistry. Coffee Heaven has a new outdoor seating area with privacy fence (thanks to Marilyn's husband, Jay), gardens and tables and benches. It looks very attractive on the corner of Redwood Hwy and Caves Hwy.  

A new 2-story office building was built next to the chiropractor's office on Lister, but remains empty (last time I looked).  

We have 4 new developments going in on the east side, mostly aimed at seniors, and lots of new homes on the west side. Laurel Pines Golf Course is expanding into a full golf course with clubhouse and hotel.  The old crafters village next to it is gone.  There was an awful clearcut done on Holland Loop in the 1900 block. It's a blight to see, and no development or replanting has happened after 3 months.  

A new Safety Council has been formed and has been working to reduce crime, transients in front of businesses, and boozers and drug abusers in Jubilee Park have been moved to Forks Park. We have a graffitti removal team that gets rid of vandalism in public places promptly.  

About 2 yrs ago (?) a new church was built on Holland Loop near the new planned housing developments.  It's huge -- looks like a typical New England Congregational Church, but is some other denomination.  We have more churches than bars in CJ.  

The big new Siskiyou Medical Center on the Redwood Hwy north of town will open this fall -- at last!  It will be full service and is badly needed.  The old clinic on Caves Hwy will close and be used for other types of services.  The IV Famioly Coalition is going great guns, providing services, food and clothing for needy families. Its building houses DHS, Safe House Alliance, So. Or. housing assistance, a free computer and job search facility, and may be adding services for the blind in Sept.  Brownette Laundry now offers free internet too.

In downtown Takilma, there is a new eatery called the Tea House across from Jim Rich's blacksmith shop. It's open every morning till noon and on weekends for dinner.  Sometimes they have live music.

Other than these changes, the place retains its very rural, rustic, slightly hippie charm.  Driving on Holland Loop, Dick George and Takilma Road, you can see a lot of horses.  In Takilma, people ride horses quite a bit.  The local horse crowd is increasing which is nice for the area and for the feed and tack stores in the region.  

The CJ Pool is open this summer.  There is talk of putting a cover over it so the IVHS can use it almost year 'round for swim team and it could be used by the community for a longer season.  The pool is 20 years old and needs a lot of repairs, new filter system, resurfacing and other improvements.  

Funding is a huge and ongoing problem thanks to the low, low taxes here.  The county is so low on funds, it cut back all the library hours.  CJ's library is only open 2 days a week now.  With all the new people and new housing going in, CJ should raise its property assessments to pay for the public safety, library, pool, and other services the people want.  

So, some things have improved and others have not.  We live in constant fear of BLM and USFS logging our beautiful ridges and mountains.  They have already started logging in the roadless area off 8 Dollar Mtn and will try to log areas of the East Fork of the Illinois next.  No replanting has been done where fires and logging have blighted the landscape, in spite of Oregon's law requiring reforestation.  The law is not enforced uniformly.

That's all the news for now.

Title: Heard it through the grapevine
Post by: lookinglass on September 03, 2006, 04:20:46 PM
:P WOW! Thanks for painting such a clear picture of downtown! Its sounds like some good things are coming CJ's way! Again, I  hope the town folk will come together on a VISION before outsiders start filling in the blanks. Speaking of filling in the blanks...Re- plant those trees! And for prosperities sake, stop cutting down any more . The trees are what is bringing people to the area. That and the low taxes you spoke of. Can the township raise taxes on outsider and big buisiness developments with out running the small guy out? Can you mandate that new developments contribute to a labor/cash fund for town improvements and beautification projects? What can be done to insure progress that benefits the quality of life for the good poeple of CJ? Say it with me...Town Planning Comission to Plan a Town Vision! I have seen whole countryside areas get swallowed up by subdivisions and plazas and locals priced out of there own town. Here in Ann Arbor we have a strick planning board that insures that quality of life stays intact even while expansion takes place.  We don't cower to builders....They court us...then they go back to the drawing board to please our town vision before any development is approved.  The power IS with the people.

Title: Well here's hoping there's some juice in those grapes...
Post by: mossyoakdivorce on December 22, 2006, 10:25:26 AM
:shock: I for one would be happy as a clam at high tide if a decent chain grocery store came in to compete with the lone option we've got in this town. I'm paying twice what it cost me down in the Bay Area for the same loaf of bread, same can of soup, the list goes's really sad. So many people here struggle for survival, so many either can't afford to own a car (or one that isn't a "beater") or pay the gas it costs to drive to Grants Pass and back. It would be a real pleasure to see those Food Stamps stretch a whole lot further in a place where so many decent, hard-working people are having to use state funding in order to put food on their tables. And please don't assert that these are lazy, no-good, undeserving bums who deserve to be ripped off. I know many people who work their tails off every day and still can't afford a decent vehicle or grocery money after they've paid the rent. And everyone knows that Oregon is in trouble regards here's hoping the local "big grocer" gets some serious competition and maybe remembers what a conscience looks like.

Title: Heard it through the grapevine
Post by: Admin on December 25, 2006, 07:12:14 AM
If you can find someone to carpool with, WinCo in Medford has a huge variety of products and some really great bargains!

Title: Heard it through the grapevine
Post by: lookinglass on January 10, 2007, 10:40:57 AM
:D Happy New Year to All!!
I just want to say thanks for keeping us (wish we weren't) out of towners updated on local news. You paint a vivid picture! My best to all of you who are keeping the lights on.
Here's to a great, green and fire free year!