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Title: New Cable Company
Post by: OregonAunty on February 22, 2007, 05:15:12 PM
Whats up with the new cable company, anyone else get a weird bill????

Title: Re: New Cable Company
Post by: poodlenuts on March 01, 2007, 05:10:25 AM (

Efforts to tune in new cable company get some static
New firm with franchise on city of Cave Junction attempting to remedy problems, add new services

IVN Staff Writer

Its certain that there is a new cable company in Illinois Valley -- but its not quite as clear who the company is.

Some cable subscribers have received bills from a new cable company that they had never heard of. Other valley residents have been unable to get connected to cable.

For years, St. Louis-based Charter Communications was the cable provider for the area. Last fall, Charter sold its interest in the valley to Rapid Communications of Colorado. Rapid owned the franchise for less than a month when it sold to a New Jersey-based company, PC One Cable LLC.

News of this latest transaction was delivered to the city of Cave Junction in the form of a letter dated Jan. 7, 2007.

Asked about the situation, Mayor Tony Paulson, replied, Whos in breach of whose contract? We dont know.

City Recorder Jim Polk noted that there is no corporation registered with the state under the name PC One Cable.

Calls to PC One are answered at a Dallas, Texas call center. The customer service manager, Thomas Kurien, contacted by phone, commented, We just took over the system and we are trying to stabilize service.

As to the strange bills, Kurien replied that, We sent a few bills to the outlying area using the information we received from Charter. He added that Charter has continued to send bills through February.

Kurien noted that the company will be sending a welcome letter and customer survey to all its new customers. He estimated that there are 300 subscribers in this area, although he was unable to verify it exactly.

Regarding service issues, Kurien stated that some access rooms have locks to which the old company, Charter, still has keys. PC One technicians are working to get the locks changed so they can gain access to the connections.

Kurien stressed that the company is doing all it can to serve its new acquisition. Three technicians serve the area. Response times may vary however, as the technicians are on a rotating schedule. One is based in Klamath Falls, another in Shady Cave and the closest technician is in Grants Pass.

Doing business with more than 250 towns across the United States, Kurien emphasized that PC One is interested in upgrading cable offerings for the area. New services, including digital cable and high-speed Internet are two of the new services that customers

Title: Re: New Cable Company
Post by: kennyrose on July 31, 2007, 02:53:30 PM
PC One sucks so bad two months ago we cancelled our good account cancel. We give them a hand they finally got some thing right our service was disconnected soon after our call.
P.C. One had over billed us month after month the many calls to there call center asking them to please correct our bill was furitless.

P.C. One over billing month after month lead to one month my husband paid they what they had said our balance was without thinking this lead to an over payment to this cable company.
After two more billing cycles they had not credited us the over paid amount I begin call asking the company to please credit the over payment on our next bill it never happened.
It came to a head when for the last time a promised return call would come in two business days to address our concerns  but the call  never did and this was not the first time they had make this very same promise to us.
We hit our self over the head asking why had we waited so long? to call toll free direct T.V.
Today we are very happy and content customers of direct t.v. we have more channels with local stations and pay less then for cable t.v.
Our screen is clearer and much more brighter color we are thrilled with ur new comapny all the way around it is a win- win for both customer and company.17399
When you get tired of this new cable company in the Cave Junction area email me at I can help you save fifty dollars right off the bat when you change over to direct t.v.
If you have not already changed to a decect comapny do it today don't pay any company you don't have to for being down right dishonest and even point blank rude to their customers such as P.C. One Cable which has proven to be both.


Title: Re: New Cable Company
Post by: OregonAunty on September 03, 2007, 03:16:34 PM
We finally gave up also, and switched to the bundled service of dish through frontier.... oddly enough, we pay about $10 more on our phone/internet bill and now have tv on it too. lol :)